British naval officer; born 1716; died in Dublin March 19, 1804; younger son of Meyer Löw Schomberg. He entered the navy in Nov., 1743. In 1747 he was promoted lieutenant of the "Hornet"; in 1755 he was appointed to the "Medway," one of the fleet in the Bay of Biscay; and in 1757 he became captain of the "Richmond"; from this vessel he was transferred to the "Diana" frigate, which in 1760 was one of the squadron that repulsed an attempt by the French to regain Quebec. Schomberg was then appointed to the "Essex," a ship of 64 guns, and in 1761 he took part under the command of Commodore Keppel in the reduction of Belle-Isle. In 1770 he was appointed to the "Prudent," and in 1771 to the command of the "Dorset." He was knighted by the lord lieutenant in 1777, and for many years headed the list of captains.

Sir Alexander was the author of a work entitled "A Sea Manual Recommended to the Young Officers of the Royal Navy as a Companion to the Signal-Book," 1789.

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