German merchant; born at Münsterberg, Silesia, March 22, 1835; educated at the public schools of his native town and at Breslau. He established himself as a wool- and grain-merchant in Münsterberg; but in 1859 removed his business to Breslau, associating himself with his brother-in-law, Louis Pakully. From 1864 to 1869 he leased from the city of Breslau the Mittel mill, where he manufactured sweet - oil. During the Prusso-Austrian war of 1866 he was contractor for the sixth Prussian army corps, and in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71 for the third German army. During the following twenty years Schottländer engaged in milling, mining, the manufacture of cement, bricks, and sugar, and in real-estate transactions. In 1890 he retired from active business life, and since then has devoted himself to agriculture, having acquired a large tract of farm-land in Silesia.

Schottländer has been identified with many charities in the cities of Breslau and Münsterberg, and has contributed largely to the embellishment of the latter city.

  • Münsterberger Zeitung, March 22, 1905.
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