Spanish historian of the Jews in Spain and Portugal, and archeologist; born 1818; died at Seville, 1878. De los Rios was for some time inspector-general of public instruction in Spain. He wrote many works archeological in character, two of which are of interest to Jews. In 1848 he published in Madrid "Estudios Históricos, Políticos, y Literarios sobre los Judíos de España." This was translated into French (Paris, 1861), and later on was expanded into the larger work on the same subject, "Historia Social, Política, y Religiosa de los Judíos de España y Portugal" (3 vols., Madrid, 1875-76). Amador de los Rios was interested chiefly in the constitutional position of the Jews; and his work, from this side, is very thoroughly done. He was, however, unacquainted with Hebrew, or Jewish sources; and his treatment of literary history in the earlier book is derived merely from the uncritical notes of De Castro.

José Amador de los Rios.(From the frontispiece to his "Historia.")
  • List of his sources given in Jacobs' Sources of Spanish-Jewish History, pp. 213-244, and summary of the contents of the book, pp. 214-221.
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