Russian journalist; born at Yelisavetgrad in 1865. He was educated at the gymnasium of his native town, and at the age of sixteen began to contribute poems and prose articles to South-Russian periodicals. In 1886 he was charged with being a revolutionist, and was banished to Sredne Kolymsk in the province of Yakutsk, where he remained until 1892. There he studied the life of the Yakuts and the languages of some of the native tribes. His ethnographic and belletristic sketches were published in the "Odesskiya Novosti" and in "Russkiya Vyedomosti," a Moscow liberal daily. Shklovski is the author of "Nakrainem Syevero-Vostokye" (St. Petersburg, 1895), a work in Russian on northeastern Siberia, a French translation of which appeared in the following year. Since 1896 he has been the London correspondent of the "Russkiya Vyedomosti."

S. M. R.
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