New Zealand politician; born at Posen, Prussia, 1828; died at Auckland, New Zealand, June 25, 1902. In 1847 he went to London, where he became a merchant; in 1859 he emigrated to Melbourne, Victoria; and in 1861 he went to New Zealand, in which colony he was one of the early settlers. At Oamaru he was appointed government land-auctioneer.

Engaging in local and general politics, Shrimski was elected mayor of Oamaru on successive occasions, and was also a prominent member of educational and philanthropic institutions. In 1875 he was elected to the House of Representatives as member for Oamaru; he was reelected three times; and in 1885 he was appointed life member of the Legislative Council, or Upper House of Parliament. He held the offices of chairman of the educational board of North Otago, treasurer of the hospital board, and vice-president of the Otago branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association.

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