French oculist; born at Frankfort-on-the-Main 1802; died at Paris Nov. 14, 1868. He studied medicine at Berlin (M. D. 1825), and took a postgraduate course at Paris. In 1836 he established in the latter city an ophthalmic clinic for free consultations, and he became one of the most popular of Parisian oculists.

Of Sichel's works the following (all published in Paris) may be mentioned: "Propositions Générales sur l'Ophthalmologie" (1833); "Mémoires et Observations sur la Choroïdite" (1836); "Traité de l'Ophthalmie, la Cataracte, et l'Amaurose" (1837); "Iconographie Ophthalmologique" (1852-56); and "Nouveau Recueil de Pierres Sigillaires d'Oculistes Romains" (1867).

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