Russian Hebraist; died at Warsaw April 2, 1879. He occupied himself especially with apocryphal literature, his translations into Hebrew and Judæo-German including the following: "Ḥayye Ṭobiyah" (Warsaw, 1839), a translation of the Book of Tobit; "Megillat Yehudit" (ib. 1840), the Book of Judith and other narratives; "Sefer Baruk" (ib. 1841), the Book of Baruch and the prayers of Manasseh and of Daniel's three companions; and "Sifre Makkabi" (ib. 1843), the Books of the Maccabees. To all these translations he added Hebrew commentaries and introductions.

Siebenberger further published "Ma'gal Yashar" (ib. 1843), an elementary course in Hebrew, with Hebrew and Judæo-German texts, and containing an outline of Hebrew grammar, as well as narratives and fables; and "Oẓar ha-Shorashim ha-Kelali" (ib. 1846-62), a Hebrew-German dictionary with a vocabulary containing all the words of the Bible and the Mishnah.

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