American merchant; born at Eubigheim, Germany, March 17, 1852. At the age of fifteen he emigrated to the United States and entered on a commercial career, being employed as a clerk by various firms in Washington, D. C., Parkersburg, W. Va., and Lawrenceburg, Pa. In 1876 he founded the firm of Siegel, Hartsfield & Co., and ten years later the great department store of the Siegel Cooper Company, both in Chicago. A branch of the latter company was established in New York in 1896. In 1902 Siegel bought the Simpson Crawford Company in New York, and the Schlesinger and Mayer Company in Chicago; in the same year he took up his residence in New York city. Siegel is also president of the 14th Street Store in New York city.

  • American Jewish Year Book, 5665, p. 186.
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