Tanna of the second generation; contemporary of R. Ishmael and R. Akiba, with whom he often engaged in halakic discussions. He is often mentioned merely by the name "Ben Nanos." He acquired a high reputation on account of his intimate knowledge of Jewish civil jurisprudence; and R. Ishmael said that whoever wished to occupy himself with the study of this branch of the Law ought to learn from Simeon b. Nanos (B. B. x. 8). Several of Simeon's sayings bearing on civil law have been preserved (B. B. vii. 3, x. 8; Sheb. vii. 5), as well as some of his opinions on other halakic subjects (Bik. iii. 9; Shab. xvi. 5; 'Er. x. 15; Giṭ. viii. 10; Men. iv. 3). Neither the names of his teachers nor those of his pupils are known.

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