Tanna of the second generation and pupil of R. Ṭarfon (Men. 31a; Tosef., Demai, v. 22). He was called "Shezuri" after his native place, Shizur, which is probably identical with Saijur, west of Kafr 'Anan (comp. Neubauer, "G. T." p. 278). Simeon's tomb is said to be in the vicinity of this place (Schwarz, "Tebu'at ha-Areẓ," p. 101). A few halakic sentences by him have been preserved in the Mishnah (Demai iv. 1; Sheb. ii. 8; Giṭ. vi. 5; Ḥul. iv. 5; Ker. iv. 3; Kelim xviii. 1; Ṭoh. iii. 2; Ṭebul Yom iv. 5); and the halakic practise follows his opinion (Men. 30b; Ḥul. 75b). Another noteworthy sentence by him also has been preserved (Naz. 45b).

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