Hungarian linguist; born at Veszprim Jan. 1, 1853; studied at Esztergom, Budapest, Leipsic, Berlin, and Paris; he has embraced Christianity. In 1877 he became lecturer, in 1885 assistant professor, and in 1889 professor, at the University of Budapest. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences elected him a corresponding member in 1879 and a regular member in 1893; he is a member also of the Ugro-Finnic Society of Helsingfors. He is a voluminous writer, and has contributed largely to the development of Hungarian philology, both by his works and by the influence which he has exercised for a generation upon the students of philology at the University of Budapest.

Simonyi has published the following works: "Antibarbarus" (1879), on foreign words in Hungarian; "A Magyar Kötöszók" (3 vols., 1881-83), on Hungarian conjunctions; "A Magyar Határozók" (2 vols., 1888), on Hungarian adverbs; "A Magyar Nyelv" (2 vols., also in German, 1897), on the Hungarian language; "Magyar Nyelvtörténeti Szótár" (3 vols.), a historical dictionary of the Hungarian language; "Német és Magyar, Szólások" (1895), on Teutonisms and Magyarisms; and (in collaboration with Balassa) a German-Hungarian dictionary (1899). He has also translated the works of Max Müller and Cox.

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