Polish physician; born in the early part of the nineteenth century at Zbarasz, Galicia, where his father, Aaron Polak, was rabbi; died at Warsaw about 1876. Until he was fourteen Studenzki studied Hebrew and Talmud under his father, and for the next three years attended the yeshibah of Brody. At the age of seventeen he went to Warsaw, where he graduated from the Lyceum and entered the Alexander University, studying medicine and philosophy. When that university was removed from Warsaw, Studenzki went to Berlin University, and finished there his medical studies (M.D. 1834). He then returned to Warsaw, where he practised as "physician of the first degree," and where he graduated as "doctor accoucheur" in 1846.

Studenzki was the author of "Rofe ha-Yeladim" (Warsaw, 1847), a work written in both Hebrew and German, and treating of children's diseases and of ways to prevent them; it received the approbation of the Rady Lekarski (board of physicians) of Warsaw and of Ḥayyim Davidsohn, then rabbi of Warsaw. The second edition (1876) is in Hebrew only. He wrote also "Orḥot Ḥayyim" (ib. 1853), a work on hygiene and a guide for the preservation of health, and prepared an edition of M. Levin's "Refu'ot ha-'Am" (Lemberg, 1851), to which he added a treatise on children's and women's diseases.

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