Hungarian author; born at Almas Nov. 10, 1855; educated at Baja, Budapest, and Vienna. He began his literary career in 1874 as a journalist on the Vienna "Fremdenblatt," later joining the staff of the "Morgenpost." From 1887 to 1890 he edited the "Südungarische Zeitung" at Temesvar, and at present (1905) he is the editor of the literary magazine "Uj Idök" in Budapest.

Of Tábóri's works, which have become especially popular among the young, may be mentioned: "A Szobor Titka," 1885, a novel; "Kulturképek," 1889, short stories; "Ildiko," 1890, a drama; "Párbaj," 1890, a novel; "Az Etet Folytatásokban," 1890, a novel; "Atalakulások," 1893, a novel; "Szabadsághösok," 1894, a novel; "Korhadt Oszlopok," 1895, a novel; "Oceania," 1898, short stories; and "Megfagyott Pezsgö," 1899, a novel.

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