German physician and chess-master; born at Breslau March 5, 1862; studied medicine at the universities of Berlin, Halle, and Nuremberg, in which last-named city he engaged in practise as a physician. Tarrasch has been one of the most successful of modern chess-players, as the following list shows. In the tournaments at Manchester, Dresden, and Leipsic he lost but a single game.

  • 1884. Nuremberg, first prize.
  • 1885. Hamburg, tied for second prize.
  • 1887. Frankfort-on-the-Main, divided fifth and sixth prizes.
  • 1889. Breslau, first prize.
  • 1890. Manchester, first prize.
  • 1892. Dresden, first prize.
  • 1894. Leipsic, first prize.
  • 1895. Hastings, fourth prize.
  • 1896. Nuremberg, fourth prize.
  • 1898. Vienna, first prize.
  • 1902. Monte Carlo, sixth prize.
  • 1903. Monte Carlo, first prize.
  • 1905. Ostend, divided second and third prizes with Janowski.

In 1893 he played a drawn match with Tchigorin, 9 games all, 4 being drawn. In 1905, at Nuremberg, he played with Marshall a match of eight games up (draws not counted) in which the American player won only one game.

Tarrasch is an able writer on chess; and his annotations of games evince great analytical power. For some time he was joint editor with Gottschall of the "Schachzeitung." He has published "Dreihundert Schachpartieen Gespielt und Erläutert" (Leipsic, 1894).

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