Rumanian rabbi and author; born in Lemberg 1787; died in Jassy 1852. He became rabbi of Sniatyn and its districts in 1820, and in 1841 was appointed rabbi of Jassy, where he remained until his death. His works are: (1) "To'afot Re'em," responsa on the four parts of the Shulḥan 'Aruk. Among these are some written to his son R. Samuel and some to his grandson R. Shalom Taubes (Zolkiev, 1855). (2) "Ḳarne Re'em," novellæ on the Talmud, mentioned in "She'elat Shalom," No. 254. (3) Novellæ on Alfasi (according to Walden in his "Shem ha-Gedolim he-Ḥadash," Let. A, No. 129), which remained in manuscript. He corresponded on halakic subjects with Rabbi Solomon Kluger and with Rabbi Jacob Ornstein, author of "Yeshu'ot Ya'aḳob."

  • Buber, Anshe Shem, p. 27.
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