American naval officer; born at St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 20, 1847. Educated at the public schools of his native city, he entered the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1863, graduating in 1867, since which date he has been in active service. In 1868 he was appointed ensign; 1870, master; 1872, lieutenant; 1892, lieutenant-commander; and 1902, captain. He served on the Pacific and European stations and inthe coast-survey until 1898, when he was made commander of the "Bennington. "He took possession of Wake Island for the United States, and was placed in charge of Guam when that island was ceded by Spain on Feb. 1, 1899. During the following year he served in the Philippines, and during the early part of 1900 in China, assuming command of the "Yorktown" in June of the latter year. From Nov., 1901, to May, 1902, he served in the navy-yard at Washington, D. C., and at Boston, and was then appointed commander of the "Enterprise." Since the beginning of 1903 he has been commander of the navy-yard at Pensacola, Fla.

Although of Jewish descent, Taussig was brought up in the Unitarian Church.

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