Bohemian rabbi at Prague; died at Metz April 16, 1669. After having exercised the function of rabbi at Nikolsburg and in several other Bohemian communities he was called in 1660 to the rabbinate of Metz. In 1666 he was appointed rabbi of Posen, but he was. prevailed upon by the community of Metz to remain in the latter city. Te'omim was the author of"NimuḲim," containing notes on David ben Samuel's "Ṭure Zahab" (on Ḥoshen Mishpaṭ; Cracow, 1692), and "Ḳiḳayon de-Yonah," novellæ on three Talmudical treatises (Amsterdam, 1669-70).

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E. C. I. Br.
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