Italian rabbinical family, of which the following members are known:

David Mordecai Terracino:

Rabbi at Asti in the nineteenth century.

Hezekiah Terracino:

Italian scholar of the seventeenth century; flourished in Lugo, where he probably held the position of ab bet din; a contemporary of Nathanael Trabotti. In a responsum printed in Lampronti's "Paḥad Yiẓḥaḳ" (i. 112) Hezekiah pleads total blindness as an excuse for the incomplete answer given to a question addressed to him.

Moses ben Menahem Terracino:

Rabbi at Ferrara in the seventeenth century. He was the author of a responsum on the controversy at Lodi between Manasseh ha-Kohen and the Pavia brothers; also of a responsum (in the collection "Palge Mayim," p. 36) in which he retracted a decision previously given.

Solomon Terracino:

Mentioned in Shabbethai Bär's responsa collection (§ 51).

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