German rabbi; born Dec. 28, 1849, at Schmalleningken, East Prussia. He studied philosophy and Orientalia at the University of Breslau and rabbinica at the Jewish theological seminary in the same city. After receiving from Breslau his diploma as rabbi and his Ph.D. from the University of Königsberg (1876), he became second rabbi and teacher at the religious school at Bromberg. In 1885 he was called as rabbi to Berent; and since 1888 he has occupied the rabbinate of Bojanowo, Posen. In 1890 he visited London, Oxford, and Paris for the purpose of examining the midrashic manuscripts in the libraries of those cities.

Theodor is the author of: "Zur Composition der Agadischen Homilien," in "Monatsschrift," 1879-80; "Die Midraschim zum Pentateuch und der Dreijährige Palästinische Cyclus," ib. 1885-87; "Der Midrasch Bereschit Rabba," ib. 1893-95; and "Bereschit Rabba mit Kritischem Apparate und Kommentare," parts i. and ii., Berlin, 1903, 1904.

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