Danish educator; born in Copenhagen Jan. 23, 1837; died at Vallekilde Dec. 29, 1893. He was graduated from the University of Copenhagen (B.D. 1863), officiated for some time as teacher at Blaagaards Seminary, and took part in the war with Germany (1864). In 1865 he became an ardent adherent of Grundtvig, at whose initiative he founded (1866) at Vallekilde a high school which soon grew to be the foremost school of its kind in Denmark. It offers not only the ordinary high-school curriculum of studies, but also courses in navigation and in various branches of trade. It was the first Danish school in which the Swedish system of gymnastics was introduced.

Of Trier's memoirs, entitled "Fem og Tyve Aars Skolevirksomhed i Vallekilde," only two volumes appeared (Copenhagen, 1890, 1894), his untimely death—brought on by overstudy—preventing him from completing the work. Trier was a convert to Christianity.

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