Danish educator, writer, and politician; born in Copenhagen May 10, 1845. He received his early education at the Von Westenske Institut, later attending the University of Copenhagen, where he studied jurisprudence for a few years. In 1864 he took up the study of pedagogics, in which field he has won international fame. In 1876 Trier began publishing a series of "Kultur-Historiske Personligheder," containing biographies and character studies of different authors. In the same year appeared his first work on pedagogics, "Pædagogikken som Videnskab," which endeavored to establish for pedagogics a place among the abstract sciences.

Since 1879 Trier, together with School-Inspector P. Voss of Christiania, has published "Vor Ungdom," a periodical devoted to pedagogics. From 1892 to 1893 he published "Pædagogiske Tids- og Stridsspörgsmaal," and in 1901 a valuable addition to the knowledge of the medieval history of Copenhagen, entitled "Gaarden No. 8 Amagertorv." In 1884 he was elected a member of the Danish Folkething (House of Commons) for the first district of Copenhagen, and in 1898 he became a member of the board of aldermen of that city.

S. F. C.
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