Russian Hebraist; born at Wilna; died there May 29, 1885 (according to Zeitlin, June 8, 1884). Tur settled in Warsaw, where he taught Hebrew and several modern languages. He was a talented poet; but, owing to his untimely death, most of his productions remain unpublished. Of those which have been printed may be mentioned: "Ha-Yobel" (in "Ha-Asif," i. 1-10), a long poem in honor of Sir Moses Montefiore's centenary; "Geberet ha-Ḥeshbon"; and "El ha-Ishshah" (ib. ii. 556-561). Several of his poems are published in Gottlober's "Ha-Boḳer Or."

  • Ha-Asif, ii. 763;
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S. M. Sel.
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