Italian family, originating in the city of the same name. The following important members are cited in chronological order:

Solomon d'Urbino:

Lived at Urbino in the early part of the fourteenth century, where he enjoyed the favor of Duke Frederick, and wrote a small work entitled "Yefeh Nof."

Isaac Saba' d'Urbino:

Son of Solomon d'Urbino;mentioned by Moses Rieti in his "Miḳdash Me'aṭ" (ed. Goldenthal, p. 106b).

Solomon b. Abraham b. Solomon d'Urbino:

Flourished in the latter part of the fifteenth century and at the beginning of the sixteenth. In 1500 he completed his "Ohel Mo'ed," a work on Hebrew synonyms, which he dedicated to his teacher Obadiah. This book was printed at Venice in 1548, and reprinted by Willheimer with notes by Heidenheim and Dukes, Vienna, 1881; the "Yetad ha-Ohel," Isaac Berechiah Canton's commentary on it, has remained in manuscript.

Joseph Baruch b. Zechariah Jedidiah d'Urbino:

Lived in the seventeenth century at Mantua, Modena, and Busseto. He was the author of the "Mizmor Shir Yedidot u-Benot ha-Shir" (Mantua, 1659), a collection of poems on various subjects. He gave his approbation to a decision of Hananiah Shullam (Modena, 1636), and made a Hebrew translation of an Italian work on astronomy, which, however, has not been printed. He is probably identical with the Joseph Baruch d'Urbino who owned Codex Oxon. 911, and perhaps with Joseph Baruch b. Zerahiah Urbino of Busseto, who possessed Codex Oxon. 348.

Moses Judah b. Isaac d'Urbino:

Flourished at Ancona in the seventeenth century. He is mentioned by Abraham Solomon Graziano in his annotations and novellæ on the Shulḥan 'Aruk (iii. 308 of the manuscript).

Jedidiah Zechariah d'Urbino:

Nephew of Jehiel Trabotti; lived at Pesaro in the eighteenth century. He was the author of a manuscript volume of responsa; and a responsum of his is cited in the "Shemesh Ẓedaḳah" (ii. 24) of Samson Morpurgo.

Isaac d'Urbino:

Son of Jedidiah d'Urbino; lived at Pesaro in the eighteenth century. Codex Montefiore 111 contains one of his letters ("J. Q. R." xiv. 185).

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