An Italian monthly; the continuation of the "Educatore Israelita" (founded 1853), which, upon the death of its editor Giuseppe Levi (July 10, 1874), passed under the new title into the control of Flaminio Servi, rabbi of Casale Monferrato, who transferred its headquarters from Vercelli to Casale. During the early years of its existence it contained essays from the pens of such men as Berliner, Benedetti, Perreau, Soave, and Steinschneider; but later its importance as a literary and scientific journal deteriorated. It is noteworthy as containing valuable biographical sketches of Italian Jews.

Flaminio Servi died Jan. 23, 1904, and was succeeded by his son Ferruccio, who has made considerable changes in the publication, giving it a distinctly modern character. In February, 1905, the "Lux," a review founded in Leghorn in 1904 under the editorship of Arrigo Lattes and Alfredo Toaff, was incorporated with the "Vessillo."

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