Dutch Christian Hebraist; born at Leeuwarden May 16, 1669; died at Franeker March 31, 1722. He was educated at the universities of Franeker and Leyden, and became professor of Oriental languages at the former in 1681. His two chief works are his dissertation on the synagogue, "De Synagoga Vetere Libri Tres" (Franeker, 1685; 2d ed. 1696), which still has value; and his "Commentary on Isaiah" (Leeuwarden, 1714-20), which was frequently republished in the eighteenth century. The latter was up to the time of Gesenius the most considerable contribution to the exegesis of Isaiah. There is also something of Jewish interest in his "Sacrarum Observationum Libri Sex" (Franeker, 1683-1708).

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