Beni-Israel soldier; enlisted in the Nineteenth Regiment Native (Indian) Infantry Sept. 25, 1838. He was promoted jemidar Jan. 1, 1853; subahdar, Jan. 22, 1858; subahdar-major, Jan. 1, 1872. In 1877 he was decorated with the first and second class Order of British India, with the titles of bahadur and sirdar-bahadur, the highest mark of approbation which the Indian government bestows on native officers. He fought in the Afghanistan campaign of 1839, including the capture of Ghazni and occupation of Kabul (medal); in the Punjab campaign, taking part in the siege of Multan, the battle of Gujarat, and the march to the mouth of the Khaibar Pass; and in the Central India campaign of 1858. In his various campaigns he marched up and down both banks of the Indus from Kurrachee to Kabul and Attock. Wakrulkar retired from active service Dec. 23, 1878.

J. J. Hy.
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