Austrian Hebraist; flourished in the nineteenth century; born at Boskowitz, Moravia. He officiated as teacher in the Jewish school of Hotzenplotz, Silesia, about 1850, and later as rabbi of Bojanowo, Posen. The following is a list of his works, all published at Breslau: "Hadrat Elisha'" (1857), an epic poem in nine cantos, describing the life of the prophet Elisha, and giving also a brief history of contemporary kings; "Nezer Ḥamudot" (1860), an epic poem in eight cantos, being a history of Daniel and his contemporaries under the reign of the Babylonian, Median, and Persian kings until the return of the Israelites to Jerusalem, and the building of the Second Temple; "Mattenat Naḥali'el" (part i., 1860; part ii., 1868), a collection of legends from the Talmud, Midrash, and the midrashic commentaries, arranged in verse in the order of the weekly lessons; "Torat ha-Berit" (1869), a treatise in reply to a question on circumcision addressed to the synod of Leipsic by Max Engel (July, 1869).

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