Russian chess-player; born in Warsaw 1839. In 1867 he was in Paris; and while watching some games at the Café de la Régence in that city he decided to enter a tournament to be held there. To the surprise of every one he gained the second prize, defeating, among several noted players, Samuel Rosenthal. He now applied himself to the game so assiduously that in 1878 he gained the second prize at the international tourney held at Paris, Zukertort being first and Blackburne third. In 1881 at Berlin he divided the third and fourth prizes with Tchigorin; and in 1882 at Vienna he divided the first and second prizes with Steinitz. In 1883, playing in the international tourney held in London, he, for the first time in his career, was not placed; but at Nuremberg (19 entries) in the same year he gained the first prize, defeating Blackburne, who gained second place.

From this time Winawer seems gradually to have declined as a tournament player. At Dresden in 1892 and again at Budapest in 1896 he succeeded in gaining sixth place only, while at Monte Carlo in 1901 he was unable to gain a prize.

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