German surgeon; born at Märkisch Friedland, West Prussia, March 21, 1836; died at Berlin Feb. 18, 1902. He received his education at the Grauekloster Gymnasium, and at the University of Berlin, graduating in 1860, whereupon he established himself as surgeon in the Prussian capital. He took part in the wars of 1864, 1866, and 1870-71, receiving the Iron Cross for non-combatants. In 1868 he was appointed privat-docent, and in 1884 assistant professor of surgery, at the University of Berlin. In 1890 he became chief surgeon of the newly founded orthopedic dispensary at the university. In 1899 he received the title of "Geheimer Medizinalrat."

Wolff contributed more than a hundred essays to medical journals, treating of orthopedics, osteopathy, and laryngology. He was the author also of "Das Gesetz der Transformation der Knochen" (Berlin, 1892), published by the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences.

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