Swedish rabbi; born in 1824 at Meseritz, Prussia, where his father officiated as rabbi. He studied at the universities of Berlin and Leipsic, and was in 1849 appointed rabbi in Culm, Prussia, whence he was called in 1857 to the rabbinate of Göteborg, Sweden. He is the author of the following works: "E Senusi's Begriffsentwickelung des Muhammedanischen Glaubensbekenntnisses" (Arabic and German), Leipsic, 1848; "Philonische Philosophie," ib. 1849 (2d ed., Göteborg, 1858); "Moses ben Maimon's Acht Capitel," Leipsic, 1863; "Muhammedanische Eschatologie," ib. 1872; "Bemerkungen zu dem Wortlaute der Emunot we-Deot," ib. 1878 (2d ed. 1880); "Philos Ethik," Göteborg, 1879; "Beiträge zur Philosophie der Historie," Stockholm, 1882; and "Zur Characteristik der Bibelexegese Saadia Alfajjumis," 1884-85.

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S. F. C.
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