Palestinian amora of the third century; a friend of Jacob bar Idi, together with whom he officiated as poor-law commissioner (Yer. Sheḳ. 49a). The two friends often engaged in halakic controversies (Yer. Shab. 14d). Yiẓḥaḳ twice transmits sayings by Joshua ben Levi on the conversion of purchased slaves, Ze'era having addressed a question to him on this point (Yer. Yeb. 8d). He had a dispute with Abdima of Ḥaifa concerning some question of religious law (Yer. Niddah 50a), and also engaged in a controversy with Simeon ben Pazzi (Meg. 23a). Jacob bar Aḥa transmits a saying in his name (Yer. Yeb. 12a).

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