Palestinian amora of the third century; probably a brother of Yannai ben Ishmael. He solved the question whether instructors in the Law should be paid for their services, by declaring that they ought to be remunerated for the time during which they might have earned something by other work (Yer. Ned. 38c). The words "he weigheth the waters by measure" (Job xxviii. 25) were interpreted by him as implying the law of God, which is compared to water. The words of the Law are given to each individual by measure; one is accorded a knowledge of the Bible, another of the Mishnan, a third of the Halakah, and a fourth of the Haggadah, while many are learned in all (Lev. R. xv. 2, where "ben Ishmael" should be read instead of "ben Samuel").

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