Algerian rabbi; born at Algiers Sept. 8, 1681; died there Dec. 21, 1737. He was a descendant of a family of distinguished Talmudists, and his grandfather, Solomon Ẓeror, was, like himself, chief rabbi of Algiers. Together with the other rabbis of his city he signed the ban against Nehemiah Ḥayyun (comp. Nepi-Ghirondi, "Toledot Gedole Yisrael," p. 280). Ẓeror studied secular sciences, devoting himself especially to logic, physics, and geography, and he likewise occupied himself much with poetry in addition to acquiring a reputation as a skilful physician and carrying on an extensive commerce by both sea and land. Some of his responsa and novellæ were collected by his pupil Judah 'Ayyashi, and were published under the title "Peri Ẓaddiḳ" (Leghorn, 1748), the edition being preceded by a preface written by Ẓeror's pupils and contemporaries.

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