By: Max Weisz

Hungarian writer; born November 30, 1857. After graduating from the University of Budapest he was appointed high-school teacher in that city and in spite of absorbing duties distinguished himself as a writer on history and literature. Among his more important works are: "Berzsenyi Dániel" (1879), "Késmárk Tököly Imre, 1657-1705" (1882), and "MagyarországTörténete II. Mátyástól III. Ferdinand Haláláig" (The History of Hungary from Matthias II. to the Death of Ferdinand III.) (1889). The last work forms the sixth volume of Szilágyi's "Hungarian National History," which was published on the occasion of the millennial celebration of the existence of the Hungarian realm. He has translated several works by Macaulay, Paul Janet, etc., into Hungarian, contributed several historical essays to the periodical press, and edited the works of the poets Kölcsey and Kisfaludy. Angyal has been baptized.

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