Judæo-German writer and printer at Philadelphia, Pa.; born in Ponievyezh, gov. Kovno, Russia, Aug. 28, 1855. In 1868 he went to Vilkomir, where he studied under the guidance of Moses Loeb Lilienblum; in 1877 he became involved in the nihilistic movement and was arrested at Kiev. Having escaped to Czernowitz, Austria, he wrote for Hebrew and Judæo-German papers, and published his first book, "Ha-Nebel" (The Harp), containing Hebrew and Judæo-German poems (1882). In 1888 he emigrated to the United States, joined the anarchistic movement in New York, and became a prolific contributor to the Judæo-German press. In 1895 he edited "Die Gegenwart," a short-lived Judæo-German weekly. In his writings the influence of K. J. Weber's "Demokritos" is often discernible.

  • Wiener, Yiddish Literature, p. 81.
G. M. B.
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