ARONSTEIN, PHILIPP (pen-name Arnstein):

German school-teacher and author; born Dec. 4, 1862, at Halver, province of Westphalia, Prussia. Aronstein received his education at the gymnasium in Soest, the universities of Berlin and Bonn, and the Academy of Münster, whence he was graduated as doctor of philosophy. After having taught at different schools in England and Germany, he at present (1902) holds the position of Oberlehrer at the Progymnasium at Myslowitz, province of Silesia, Prussia. He has been a contributor to several well-known German magazines and newspapers; e.g., "Neue Deutsche Rundschau," "Anglia" ("Ben Jonson's Theorie der Lustspiele," 1894; "DickensStudien," 1896), "Englische Studien" ("John Marsten als Dramatiker," 1894; "Die Entwicklung der Lokalverwaltung in England," 1895), "Neuere Sprachen" ("England um die Mitte des 18ten Jahrhunderts," 1895), and has written principally upon education in England, and English history and literature. Aronstein's chief independent works are: "Benjamin Disraeli's Leben und Dichterische Werke," 1895, and "Die Entwicklung der Höheren Knabenschulen in England," 1897. He also translated from the English into German Bishop Mandell Creighton's "Age of Queen Elizabeth," 1900.

S. F. T. H.
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