Beni-Israel, soldier; born near Bombay, India, about 1820; He entered military service in the Eighth Regiment native infantry on March 5, 1839. He participated in the pursuit of the rebel army under Tantia Topee in Gujarat, 1857-58. He was present at the engagement of Hykullze, and served with a field force against the Niakara Bheels in the Rewa Kanta district in 1857-58. He served in the Sind campaign in 1842, including the march to Kandahar. He was also in Abyssinia. Ashtumkar was appointed jemidar Jan. 1, 1856; subedar on June 7, 1858; and was raised to the rank of subedar-major Jan. 1, 1870. He was decorated with the Order of British India of the second class, with the title of bahadur on Oct. 27, 1872, and the same Order of the first class with the title of sirdar bahadur from Jan. 1, 1877.

J. J. Hy.
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