A city of Hesse, district of Starkenburg, Germany. Jews are reported to have resided here as early as 1320. At the request of the nobleman Arrosius von Breuberg, certain Jews were placed under the ban, and all intercourse between them and Christians was strictly prohibited. The reason for this measure is not stated. In 1337 the Jews were cruelly persecuted during the Armleder raids. At the time of the Black Death (1349) the Jewish community was again subjected to persecution.

From 1643 to 1672 there were at no time more than six Jews resident here, and these paid an annual protection tax of 60 to 70 gulden. Between 1710 and 1719 this tax amounted to 110 gulden. The Jew Daniel of Babenhausen obtained the protection of the Palatinate in 1648. In 1829 there were 80 Jews resident here; in 1875 there were 92; and this is about the number at the present day.

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