Hungarian violinist and operatic composer; born at Zsambokrét, Hungary, Jan. 23, 1841. He began the study of the violin with Böhm at the Vienna Conservatory in 1851, from which institution he was graduated in 1857. He then accepted a conductorship at a Vienna theater, and four years later went to Paris. Here he was compelled to fight his way, first as leader of a small orchestra, then as journalist, and finally as apothecary. Upon his return to Vienna he played the viola in the Helmesberger Quartet, with which organization he remained associated for twelve years. He then became a teacher at the Conservatory and still occupies this position. Bachrich is also a member of the Rosé Quartet and of the philharmonic and opera orchestras. His principal compositions are: "Muzzedin," a comic opera, Vienna, 1883; "Heini von Steier," ib. 1884; "Der Fuchsmajor," an operetta, Prague, 1889; "Sakuntala," a ballet; and two other operettas. Of these works, the operetta, "Der Fuchsmajor," has probably been the most successful.

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