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Polish rabbi; born in Posen about 1570; died in Austerlitz, Moravia, in 1623. His father gave him a thorough training in the Talmud. From Posen Eilenburg went to Prague and entered the yeshibah of Rabbi Liva. After studying there for a few years, he returned to Posen and continued his studies in the yeshibah of Rabbi Mordecai Jafe.

About 1600 Eilenburg became rabbi of the city and district of Göritz, and about 1620 rabbi of Austerlitz, Moravia.

Eilenburg's works are: "Be'er Sheba'," commentaries on the treatises of the Talmud upon which there are no tosafot (Venice, 1614). This work is divided into seven parts, namely: (1) "Ner Miẓwah," onHorayot; (2) "Ner Tamid," on Tamid; (3) "Ner Adonai," on the first and last chapters of Keritot; (4) "Ner Elohim," on two chapters of Soṭah; (5) "Ner Yisrael," on the last chapter of Sanhedrin; (6) "Ner Hora'ah," on parts of Ḥullin; (7) "Ner Torah," novellæ and responsa. Eilenburg also wrote "Ẓedah la-Derek," supercommentary on Rashi to the Pentateuch (Prague, 1623-24).

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