German physician; born at Ratibor, Prussia, May 24, 1848; privat-docent of the diseases of the ear, nose, and larynx, at the University of Berlin; and honorary professor. He was graduated from the gymnasium in his native town and studied medicine in Berlin University, where he received his doctorate in 1870. The same year he entered the army medical service during the Franco-Prussian war, accompanying his regiment to France. At the end of the war Baginsky began the practise of medicine; but he soon specialized in the diseases of the ear, nose, and larynx, to which branches, since 1880, he has devoted himself entirely. Four years later he became docent of otology, rhinology, and laryngology, at the University of Berlin. In 1897 he was made honorary professor.

Both in Germany and abroad Professor Baginsky by his scientific writings and lectures attained eminence in the profession as a specialist. He has contributed to a number of scientific publications of the best class, such as "Archiv für Mikroskopische Anatomie," "Archiv für Physiologie," "Archiv fürAnatomie und Physiologie," "Archiv für Pathologie und Anatomie," "Deutsche Medicinische Wochenschrift," "Archiv für Ohrenheilkunde," "Revue Nevrologique," etc. He is also a collaborator of Eulenberg's "Encyclopedia of the Medical Sciences." His writings include a great variety of subjects, anatomical, physiological, and clinical, of which the following are the most important: "Syphilitische Affectionen der Extremitäten und Schädelknochen," Berlin, 1870 (inaugural dissertation); "Die Rhinoskopischen Untersuchungsund Operations-Methoden," Berlin, 1878, in Volkmann's "Sammlung Klinischer Vorträge"; "Ueber die Folgen von Drucksteigerung in der Paukenhöhe und die Funktionen der Bogengänge," in "Archiv für Physiologie," 1881, pp. 201-235; "Die Funktion der Gehörschnecke," in "Archiv Anat. und Physiol." 1883, xciv. 61-65; "Ueber den Ursprung und den Centralen Verlauf des Nervus Acusticus des Kaninchens." in "Archiv für Pathologie und Anatomie," Berlin, 1886, pp. 28-46; "Ueber Untersuchungen des Kleingehirns," in "Archiv für Physiologie," 1881, pp. 560-566; "Hörsphäre und Ohrenbewegungen," in "Archives für Physiologie, 1892, pp. 227-235; "Zur Entwicklung der Gehörschnecke," in "Archiv für Mikroskopische Anatomie, 1886-87, xxviii. 14-37; "Ueber das Cholesteatom des Ohres," in "Berlinische Klinische Wochenschrift," 1894, xxxi. 598, 629; "Des Phénomènes du Vertige dans les Lésions de l'Oreille," in "Revue Nevrologique," Paris, 1881.

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