Karaite scholar; flourished in the ninth century. He was called "the teacher of the diaspora," and esteemed for his brilliant intellect. None of his works has survived; but many of them are known by quotations made by Karaite writers. Solomon b. Yeruḥam, in his "Muḳaddimah" (Introduction to the Decalogue), mentions Baḥtawi's "Sefer ha-Miẓwot" (Book of Precepts); and Jephet ben Ali in his commentary upon the Book of Daniel refers to Baḥtawi's Biblical commentaries. Baḥtawi was known chiefly as "ha-medaḳdeḳ" (the grammarian), and his etymologies are quoted by the Karaite lexicographer David b. Abraham Alfasi. Bacher identifies him with Abu Ya'aḳub Joseph ben Noah, but this is questioned by Poznanzki.

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