Court Jew of the margrave Christian Ernst of Brandenburg-Bayreuth; died in 1712. He was highly esteemed at the court of the margrave, at the same time using his influence for the good of his coreligionists. It was chiefly through his influence that they were allowed to stay in the land in peace. In 1700, for a short time his position at the court was shaken by a hostile counselor of the margrave, but it was soon reestablished. In the same year he gave his daughter in marriage to a son of Glückel Hameln, Moses Hameln, who became later on rabbi at Baiersdorf and to whom is owing the preservation of the valuable memoirs of Glückel.

In 1714 Baiersdorf was calumniated by the baptized Jew Philipp Ernst Christfels, and engaged in a law-suit, the issue of which is not known.

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