BAMOTH-BAAL ("The Heights of Baal"):

An elevated point in the land of Moab (Num. xxii. 41), which was allotted to the Reubenites (Josh. xiii. 17). It is probably identical with the Bamoth between Nahaliel and the "valley that is in the country of Moab, to the top of Pisgah," mentioned in the list of stopping-places in Num. xxi. 19 et seq. Bethbamot in the Moabite Stone, line 27 (perhaps this is also the reading of Isa. xvi. 2), may also be considered as connected with it. According to the allotments in Josh. xiii. 17, some take the place to be on Mount 'Aṭṭârûs. G.A. Smith ("Historical Geography of Palestine," p. 562) is inclined to the opinion of Conder ("Heth and Moab," pp. 189 et seq.) that it is located at one of the many cromlechs above the Wady Dchîded, northeast of the Dead Sea. The statement of Eusebius, which places it on the Arnon, can not possibly be correct.

J. Jr. F. Bu.
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