Italian physician and medical writer; born at Pisa in 1799; died in Florence Sept. 18, 1869. Basevi studied at the high school of his native city and later at the university there, obtaining his degree in 1817. He devoted the next six years to further study. In 1823 he published his first work "Discorso," following it in 1824 with "L'Esposizione della Medicina Fisiologica di Broussais."

His other works were "Cenni sulla Medicina Fisiologica Confrontata Colla Dottrina Medica Italiana" (1825); "Sugli Uffici del Medico" (1826); "Sul Magnetismo Animale" (1828), and "Sulla Conducibilità Electrica del Vetro Ridatto in Fili o Lamine" (1841).

In 1825 the grand duke of Tuscany appointed Basevi secretary of the Jewish community of Leghorn

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