("pol"): The well-known vegetable, mentioned twice in the Old Testament. In II Sam. xvii. 28 it is referred to as a foodstuff along with wheat, barley, and lentils. How it was prepared for the table is not known; it was probably boiled and roasted. Ezekiel (iv. 9) is commanded to bake bread from wheat, barley, Beans, lentils, millet, and spelt, from which fact it may be deduced that Beans were used as a substitute for corn-meal in times of famine. The name "pol" has remained until to-day to denote the so-called field-beans (Vicia Faba, Linn.), that have always been found in all lands in the vicinity of the Mediterranean sea. It is the κύαμος of the Greeks. The bean found in Syria today and known as the garden-bean (Phaseolus) is of another kind. Its present designation "lubiyeh," is evidence that it was not introduced into Palestine in olden times.

J. Jr. I. Be.
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