1. A judge mentioned by Samuel in his farewell address (I Sam. xii. 11) among the judges that delivered Israel from their enemies. Though referred to along with Jerubaal, Jephthah, and Samuel, the name "Bedan" is not found in the Book of Judges. The Targum, following the Tosefta R. H. ii. 3 [1], identifies "Bedan" with "Ben Dan"; i.e., Samson. Rashi follows this supposition, and so does Ḳimḥi. Ewald proposes "Abdon" as a correction from Judges xii. 13; but it is rather strange that a judge like Abdon, who appears to be of minor importance, should be mentioned with Jerubaal and Jephthah. Nor can it be supposed that Samuel is giving the name of a new judge, for it is unlikely that Judges should have left out so important a judge as the connection indicates. The LXX. reads "Barak," and this reading Wellhausen, Budde, Moore, and Smith (commentaries to Judges and Samuel, ad loc.) support. On the whole, the latter is the most probable view. 2. A Gileadite, son of Alam, and a descendant of Machir (I Chron. vii. 17).

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