English pugilist; born in London in 1800; a brother of the better-known Abraham or "Aby" Belasco. His first appearance in the prize-ring was on July 23, 1817, at Moulsey Heath, England, where after a battle of thirty rounds he was defeated by Ned Brown, commonly known as the "Sprig of Myrtle." In his second encounter, which was with Kit Barber at Tarbury Common, Sept. 15, 1819, Belasco was more fortunate. At the end of forty-one rounds Belasco was declared the winner of the £50 staked by his opponent. Two years later (Oct. 30, 1821) he defeated Saunders in fourteen rounds at Moulsey Heath, but on March 19, 1823, at the same place, matched against A. Matthewson for £25 a side, he was defeated in forty-four rounds.

  • The American Jews' Annual.
J. F. H. V.
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