Preacher and teacher at Amsterdam. He had a thorough knowledge of Biblical and rabbinical literature, was a facile Hebrew poet, taught the third class of the Talmud Torah, and officiated as preacher of the charitable societies Maskil el-Dal and Temime Derek. Besides the oration at the obsequies of his father-in-law, Isaac da Fonseca Aboab, Belilhos, on Nisan 14, 5453 (1693) delivered a memorial sermon in honor of the latter. It is still extant in manuscript. Belilhos' publications comprise: "Sermoens Pregados . . . na Esnoga de Talmud Torah," Amsterdam, Moseh Dias, 1693; and a more voluminous poetical work in Hebrew, describing Adam in Paradise, "Toledot Adam" (The History of Adam), which also is extant in manuscript.

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