• 1. A man, at the time of the teachers of the Mishnah ("'Aruk," s.v. ), whose fist, being about the size of an adult's head, was used as a standard of measurement (Kelim xvii.; Bek. 37b; compare hip-bone of the giant king Og, Tosef., Oh. ixv. 4).
  • 2. The son of the sister of Johanan b. Zakkai, who, as one of the ringleaders of the Zealots, burned the granaries at Jerusalem in order that the Jews should have to fight more desperately (Lam. R. i. 5; Eccl. R. vii. 11; Yalḳ., Eccl. 975). In Giṭ. 56a the name "Abba Saḳḳara" (or, as others read, "Abba Siḳra" = leader of the Sicarii) occurs. Many think that the two persons are identical (see Abba Saḳḳara, Athronges).
J. Sr. S. Kr.
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